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Adorable Toddler Fashion Shoot in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Portrait Photographer Carrie Anne wHite Rock Ledge Ranch

Toddler Fashion Shoot for Little Faces Apparel | Rock Ledge Ranch, Colorado Springs

Kai and I had so much fun during this golden hour toddler fashion shoot for Little Faces Apparel! I had to share some of my favorite images of Kai modeling these pairs of shorts.

If you know me personally, you know I’m venturing into product photography in a few key ways. I’ve gotten into freelancing with a local company that coordinates small business photoshoots. But I’m also the creator of a collaboration group for small shops and photographers on Facebook (almost 1K members!).

Part of the allure of shooting toddler fashion with my son is that I get to combine my love of photography with spending time outdoors with Kai, and I get to focus on images that are treasures to me and assets to the shops I work with. But these shorts are so fricking cute that I’ll treasure those as well.

The Obstacles

You wouldn’t know it from these photos, but we also had some pretty wild challenges during our photo shoot. One of them being that Kai lost his shoes within the first five minutes at Rock Ledge Ranch. He tripped into a shallow stream and muddied up those perfect white shoes. Luckily we found another pair of shoes on site to borrow for a few minutes, but even so, those didn’t last longer than a few frames.

Kai was becoming pretty irritated with us in his final outfit, but then a group of about 10 girls walked by swooning over how adorable he was. He loved the attention, which I’m sure showed in his photos. Can you tell which photo he was being a flirt in?

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