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Brand Photography | Elevation Hydration

Carrie Anne White Charlotte North Carolina Brand Photographer

What is IV Hydration?

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing a Colorado Springs small business. As with any brand photography shoot, I captured the nuances of their business. For any business and brand it’s a good idea to have photos of the business to show potential customers what they can expect and look forward to for their visit. However, with ElevationHydration, this is crucial. You see, they’re a medically certified office for intravenous hydration (IV vitamin transfusions). And that’s not something most people have even heard of! They share a storefront with a salon, making for a killer combo of self-care under one roof. They cater to expecting mothers, those prone to sickness, athletes, and party-goers who need a serious treatment for their hangover. You’ve just gotta check this out.