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Colorado Springs Product Photography | Flatlays for a Unique Pennant

The transition moving from one end of Colorado to the other has been difficult so far, and a true test of my very young photography business. It’s very hard to leave behind all the local marketing efforts and networking you’ve done only to start fresh in a new town. But during this time I’ve been kept busy with a surprising new direction to my photography delving into product photos. It flexes my creativity, photoshop skills, lighting ideas, and brand recognition skills more than ever. It’s challenging and rewarding, and nothing beats knowing you are an asset to another small business.

Quirkie Kids was the first children’s clothing shop I reached out to for a collaboration, and it was such an honor when the owner reached back out for more photos. What I love about this brand is that they acknowledge that boys and girls alike can wear–and become–whatever they want. This Still A Boy pennant represents that boys can wear pink, play with dolls, and be affectionate people and yet thy are still a boy. So I paired the pennant with some of Kai’s favorite toys and a digital pink and rainbow backdrop.

To see more from this unique unisex children’s brand, visit:



Here are some of the photos from our first collaboration a few months ago:

SAFETY DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Never attempt to take photos of children near a busy street without a trusted assistant. I couldn’t have taken these without Craig’s help with lighting and making sure Kai was safe and away from traffic.

If you’d like to know more about how I create these images, don’t be shy! Leave a comment below!

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