Model Call Application

Now Seeking Participants for the following session types:


1. Business Headshot

A business headshot portrait session will take place either outdoor or in and around your place of work. This type of session serves the purpose of updating your business website, business cards, office, social media, and more. Having proper professional images that show who you are in a both candid and professional way are vital to how you come across to prospective clients or collaborators. Multiple outfits are optional.

2. High School Senior

A high school senior portrait session serves the purpose of providing a personal high quality image for the yearbook, but it’s also a huge milestone in young adulthood that should be well documented. These types of sessions will be cherished long after young adulthood, and serve to remember this fleeting time in a young person’s life by showing a side of them they show their close friends and family. These ¬†occur at an outdoor location and/or on location at your high school. Multiple outfits are preferred and these sessions may take longer than the usual alotted session time of one hour and thirty minutes.

3. Generations

A generations portrait session is a highly unique and well cherished experience where 3 or more generations of individuals (usually but not necessarily of the same gender) bond together for a custom portrait session. This will be cherished as a family heirloom and will be well loved for generations to come. Start a tradition, celebrate your family and your familial history, and do something meaningful for your extended family and future generations to remember you for. Example: child, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother; a young boy and his father, grandfather, and great grandfather (or a photo of someone passed).

4. Best Friends (Pets Welcome)

A best friends session is extremely fun. This atypical and eccentric session is effortless, lighthearted, and cherished by both participants and their families and loved ones. You love your best friend like family, so why not have portraits like a family would to celebrate your friendship. So bring your roommate, your childhood buddy, or your furry friend along. It’s always a great time.

The Application: