About Carrie Anne White

Hey, I'm Carrie!

Things I Love

Lavender lattes + Salmon sushi + Cozy oversized sweaters + Espresso + Minimalism + Authentic moments + NoDa Brewing + Hugs around the neck + Kittens + Succulents + Psychological thrillers

Things I Loathe

Bread + Small talk + Major label clothing + Action movies + Waking early + Waiting in line + Slow wifi + Pessimism + Country Music + Laundry + Ketchup

My style in a nutshell

My style is bold, authentic, and timeless. So all of my photos are reflective of bold colors and contrast, and a brand of authenticity that will never go out of style. When you hire me as your photographer, you’ll receive photos that fit right along in my body of work. Your product colors will be true to life, your headshots will stand out in a professional way, and your brand identity will take on a lively personality.