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Charlotte Photographer | Golden Hour Portraits of Courtney Rose

It’s about time I updated you lovelies on the beautiful portraits I’ve been shooting and editing! One of my favorite galleries of 2017 is for my younger (I can’t say little anymore) sister, Courtney Rose. Shooting with her is effortless. We definitely make a great team. She brings the killer makeup skills, modeling know-how, and natural beauty; I bring the camera and my photographer’s perspective on posing, lighting, and more. It’s difficult to determine which of us is more excited for a photoshoot.



We shot at a local park in the Charlotte area, just at the most incredible hour of the day. Golden hour, or magic hour, is all about that orangey, radiant and diffused lighting that dances on leaves and on the back of hair. You’ll have to scroll down to the gallery and see what I mean–but the light is out of this world. It’s why so many photographers–myself included–choose late afternoon to schedule photo sessions. I was surprised not to come across any other Charlotte photographers at our just-for-fun session.

Charlotte High School Senior Photographer North Carolina Portraits Professional Photography
A shot behind the scenes of my friend Polly Jones shooting with us

I love this sweet little spot for sessions because it has it all: hiking trails and paths, large historic trees, and well groomed places to stand. As an arachnophobic photographer, the possibility for bug is a key deciding factor in my locations. But yes, there were¬†some bugs, I can’t deny that.


Goals for the photo shoot

Every time I plan a shoot, whether it’s for friends, family, or clients–I always keep a goal or two in mind. Something I want to achieve as a result of the shoot. This time, I was shooting alongside one of my dear photographer friends. So I wanted to be sure we got unique angles and that we both took full advantage of the location and Courtney’s time. I also really wanted to capture a creamy backlit portrait (I captured many).

As a one of the newest portrait photographers to NC, I also hoped this would bring in some inquiries for prospective high school seniors. I would love to shoot senior portraits in Charlotte in the near future, and I find teens especially fun to work with. So if you or someone you know is looking for a Charlotte Senior Photographer, I’d love to chat and plan a session for this season or next!