The Deluxe Album

Deluxe 8x8 Flush Mount Photo Album designed by Carrie Anne White and handcrafted by Miller's Lab - Miller's Signature Albun

An Album for Every Occasion

I have poured every bit of my soul into creating the perfect photo album for every occasion, and here it is in all of it’s raw, timeless glory. The photos of the album are only a fraction of the regal, impressive vibe you get from holding it in your hands.  Designed to tell your story as a dynamic work of art, built to last for generations with only the finest paper finishes and covers, handcrafted and personally signed off on every step of the binding and printing process, and delivered in just under a week in it’s own archival keepsake box.

This is the album of all albums.

Flush Mount Photo Album Lay Flat Design Thick Pages Linen Cover Signature Album Full Service Photographer Colorado Portrait Photography Carrie Anne White
Simple. Stunning. 8×8 Deluxe Album.


My Favorite Aspects of the Deluxe Album

There is so much to love about this photo album, and each family who has one in their possession will find qualities unique to them that makes this album their ideal heirloom. Here are a few places where I find incredible value in this album:

  1. Archival Quality – Built to outlast our lifetimes, this might be one of the only investments that ends up in the hands of our great grandchildren and their families. No detail is skimmed over, it is the vision of my and my professional lab for this album to serve as an heirloom.
  2. Timeless Design – Cover options are durable, beautiful, and in incredible taste. You won’t just love this album, you’ll swoon over it for years to come. The color palette, materials, box, embossing, foil stamping and more ensure that this album looks simply amazing with any decor, and will remain beautiful for years to come.
  3. All Inclusive – Ordering an album has never been easier. When you order an album, all aspects of the album are included as listed. This album comes with a premium linen cover and embossing, a foil stamp signature of my studio name on the inside back cover, a personally curated 10 spread design, a matte page finish to ensure your photos look amazing from every angle, and a protective storage box, all in one inclusive, single investment.
    8x8 Signature Album Deluxe Photo Album with Flush Mount Lay Flat Design and Linen Cover, Carrie Anne White Colorado Portrait Photographer
    Artistic displays from your story to make your album truly unique.


  4. Amazing Value – Not only is this album high-end, professional, durable, and stunning, it’s listed at an affordable price for the value. As it’s neither the lowest nor highest investment rank in the albums I offer, it’s a very suitable wedding album, but it also makes for an album for any occasion. It’s a great way to maximize your investment in your photography by including a variety of images that tell the whole story–whether it’s the arrival of a new baby, a bridal portrait session, a family reunion, senior photos, or just because. Order an album on it’s own or within a package, and collect a deluxe album for every photo experience.
  5. Customizable – If left to me, you can rest assured I will design an elegant, stunning album with you and your story in mind. But you are also free to choose the cover, a few must-haves to include in the story, add pages, add a metal or wood cover, and more for a reasonable additional investment. The sky is the limit. If your vision strays from what I offer at base level, we will still actualize your ideal deluxe album.
  6. Uniquely Impressive – Overall, this album is far from any album you can order or design at a consumer level. No other friends or family members will have an album quite like it, and it will be your favorite conversation piece for years to come. It’s a show stopper.

8x8 Deluxe Photo Album Linen Cover Colorado Photographer Carrie Anne White


Head over to the contact page and make an introduction! I can’t wait to show you your very own story in one of these lay flat albums.

In the ever present digital age of 2016, there are certainly no shortage of photographers who will trade cash for a USB with your photos on it. But what happens to those photos when the USB is encrypted, the backup you saved with the files is expired, and you just never got around to ordering quality prints for your home, for your family, for generations to come? The solution is simple. Don’t be the client that follows the herd. Don’t set yourself up now for problems later. If you’re having professional photos created, invest in a photographer that offers finished products. You are not a print expert, you are not partnered with professional labs after an official vetting process, and you don’t have the experienced eye for design in telling the story you and your photographer created. So I urge you to find a full service photographer who makes it a part of their vision–their policy–to create fine art prints, lay flat albums, canvas wraps, and more. At the end of the day, invest in photos that you can hold in your hand, and pass down as an heirloom with the assurance that your memory, your fine art will last many lifetimes.